Welcome! Hello! I’m Lindsey. About me? Well, I received my PhD in Philosophy in 2013 from Ohio State University. I’m originally from Atlanta, Ga, and I received my B.A. from Auburn University in Alabama, also in Philosophy. I currently work in higher ed administration. I also have a daughter in college and a son in elementary school.

I have a lot of ideas. I wrote my dissertation on the nature of emotions and rationality (and how they intersect). So I think about that a lot. But I also teach (and have taught) a number of courses dealing with other philosophical issues. I really like thinking about applied moral issues such as immigration, racism, sexism, capital punishment, income inequality, etc. I dabble a bit in epistemology and the philosophy of perception. I’ve thought hardly any about the philosophy of art; I’d definitely like to start. I also think about non-philosophy related hypotheses about what the future will look like. Will technology destroy our humanity or enhance it?

I also think about parenting. And cooking. I think a lot about cooking. And throwing parties. I love planning parties. I identify as queer, and I think a lot about LGBTQIA+ identity and ethical nonmonogamy and different ways of being in relationship with others. I’ve spent many years adopting a “word of the year,” which you can follow as well.

That’s all about me. See the “About This Blog” menu to the right for more information about the blog. Nice to meet you!


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