Welcome! Hello! I’m Lindsey. About me? Well, I received my PhD in Philosophy in 2013 from Ohio State University. I’m originally from Atlanta, Ga, and I received my B.A. from Auburn University in Alabama, also in Philosophy. I also have a beautiful teenage daughter, a very supportive partner, and a mischievous Vizsla, Reuben:


As my partner, R, likes to say, I have a lot of ideas. I wrote my dissertation on the nature of emotions and rationality (and how they intersect). So I think about that a lot. But I also teach (and have taught) a number of courses dealing with other philosophical issues. I really like thinking about applied moral issues such as immigration, racism, sexism, capital punishment, income inequality, etc. I dabble a bit in epistemology and the philosophy of perception. I’ve thought hardly any about the philosophy of art; I’d definitely like to start. I also think about non-philosophy related hypotheses about what the future will look like. Will technology destroy our humanity or enhance it?

I also think about parenting. And cooking. I think a lot about cooking. And throwing parties. I love planning parties.

That’s all about me. See the “About This Blog” menu to the right for more information about the blog. Nice to meet you!











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